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"SOLET" - the cattery of Persian & Exotic Cats.

Admin: Hello ladies and gentlemen.! My name is Burlutskaya Marina, I m living in Thule city. My cattery SOLET is registered in CFA, FFE and MFA system I deal in essence with breeding exotics, but now in my cattery appeared Persians, they are in co- ownership with cattery EL-SILVER. My basic task is obtaining good quality of exotics. You are welcome to my site. I will be glad to see you there. (El- SILVER, BOBERAN, LTCH , SUGARSPUN , NOBLESSA ,STEEPLECHASE, AZART ,SAVIK, LISA-LIGHT 'S, HAPAJO' S, SOMERA, PETMAN, RUDARO' S, GRAFFIO' S, BOLO 'S, JONTI, O' BELLю.DARK DIAMOND,OCALICOS, BRANNAWAY, WISHSTAR, PURRSAY'S, FABULS, GEMPAW, LISA-LIGHT, BLUESKYEYES, CATTRAX,BYHISHANDS , RUBYROSE,BRYN MAWR, KIKICAT) http://solet-cattery.com/

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Admin: Solet Wiman sire:CH CFA El-silver Porsh El-silver Cheroki окрас: Red- tabby-white color: Black-white + VAN CH.El-silver Porsh sire: El-silver Bently dam: - El-silver Ariel Ехо n 01 окрас: Black-white + VAN

Admin: Solet Vita sire:CH CFA El-silver Porsh El-silver Cheroki color: brown ptch tabby -White

Admin: Solet Dochka sire: El-silver Xamer dam: El-silver Perri

Admin: LTCH Chloe of Solet sire:GC Boberan"s Burning Love of LTCH dam: CH Sugarspun Lovely Alexandra of LTCH

Admin: Solet Polina sire: El-silver Hummer dam: El-silver Ellada ген pkd: negativ


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